And the debate goes on…

That little rat sure created some debate!

In his article in The Age last week, Charles Purcell was quite direct in his criticism of Banksy. His position was that Banksy is not an artist, but a vandal. For ”the average person”, Purcell says, Banksy’s art offers ”nothing arty or glamorous”.

This week the same paper has published a thoughtful response from Kylie Northover. She states “I lay no claim to being an expert myself, but ”arty” and ”glamorous” are words rarely used by those who genuinely enjoy art. But, then, anybody who read Purcell’s piece would have gleaned that his idea of art is literal and unchallenging and hanging in an art gallery. Or Ikea……. Banksy’s stencils, because they use public spaces, are, Purcell argues, no better than the giant phalluses or ”tags” scrawled by people we can safely assume he quaintly refers to as ”delinquents”. Read the whole piece here.


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