Art vs Ads

Busy weekend in Hosier Lane as some of our favourite artists came and worked in thelane. Results are pretty nice.

Kudos to Andy for his efforts … managed to clean up the poster wall … look at the before and after images and let us know what you think is better… art or advertising.


One thought on “Art vs Ads

  1. Peter Matthews says:

    The ads are vile. And they become out of date, dirty, torn etc.

    Please Forum/MTC get rid of them and the “racks’ which encourage them.

    Then let us have some decent art preferably under the guidance of Andy Mac .

    Let us note that Madden is considering the Lane for Victorian Heritage – not at present please. Cleaning up the Lanes and promoting good street art would be good for everyone – State, City, businesses, locals etc.

    I have asked Madden to move in this direction – be glad of support!!

    Peter M

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