Permits and notification… is the agreed procedure working?

Did anyone receive notification about the current street closure in Rutledge Lane? There is a fashion runway being set up, including generators for power, seating, fencing and assorted infrastructure being intalled. My understanding of the new procedure for such events was that Council would ensure adequate notice to all in the community prior to issuing the permit and certainly once the permit was issued. I have not found anyone yet who has been notified. The event staff say they have a permit, and that they had been given an email list to notify…. who is on that list??


4 thoughts on “Permits and notification… is the agreed procedure working?

  1. Kevin Meese says:

    I agree that the Film shoot protocols look pretty worthless at this stage. I’m away at the moment so can’t comment on the fashion shoot. I did email Patrizia from the Council, though when we all received the letterbox drop for the shoot that was scheduled a couple of weeks ago (it entailed parking of vehicles on Flinders Lane). I got an automatic reply because Patrizia was away. I agree we have to keep a close eye on this.

  2. Yes we had received an email late last year. The organisers were happy to work around our requirements including allowing traffic (supplier’s vans and customers) through at all times. The email seemed to have all of our contact details attached. – MoVida

  3. HosierLane says:

    The event van and First Aid truck are blocking Hosier Lane and refusing to move to allow traffic through! The are actually standing in the lane arguing with drivers and telling them they should reverse out and find another way around.

  4. Lorraine Wadelton says:

    To my knowledge no, we did not receive a notification.

    This should be followed up, if not, it will continue. We worked hard on consultations with relevant stakeholders to ensure a good outcome for council, business owners and residents.

    Please let’s ensure follow thru, if there is no penalty this will continue.

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