Notice of Public Meeting

Community Meeting: Wednesday 15th June 2011 6.30pm Hoboken Cafe, 3 Hosier Lane
You are probably aware that this week our precinct was issued with a planning permit application – TP – 2011 – 88 a proposed development incorporating a new commercial area to be added to the existing Secure Car Park after it is refigured within the plan.

If you have not had time to down load the proposal or look at it, I can only suggest that you come along to the meeting on wednesday – we have received a copy of all the drawings and the planning proposal from the council and Alison Fairley has kindly offered her architectural expertise to discuss the project with the community so that we as individuals and as a community can make calculated and informed comment on the plans .

Just so you have a little insight into the enormity of the project, it involves excavation and removal of a serious amount of the building that currently houses the exit on Flinders street of the car park – there will be additional building added to the top of the 9 floors of the current car park  on the Flinders Lane end and there is promise in looking at the plans that it will take a lot  longer than 12 months for completion.

I encourage you all to  make time to come to  this meeting – do not allow this proposal to go ahead and then complain about the effect it is having on you, your business, your suppliers, your residence or your place of work – if the Collins Street development that is currently causing grief in Flinders Lane has effected you, this will have an effect that is 10 fold worse.

Now is the time of action – we only have 12 days, all of which are valuable and need to be used with precision.


2 thoughts on “Notice of Public Meeting

  1. Lorraine Wadelton says:

    I plan to lodge my concern relating to TP-2011- 88/91 Secure Parking development based on the building management plan to monitor Noise / dust /pollution/ egress for residents to access Hosier and Rutledge Lanes for rubbish collection.
    I am also concerned about the potential overlapping of more than 1 development at a time in this area and the potential to “islolate all Stakeholders in this precinct.
    Then, with regards to the actual building I would like to see Shadow and overlooking drawings.

    Lorraine Wadelton

  2. Good idea to have a look at the project in the context of a public meeting. There seem to be lots of projects going simultaneously in your precinct they say, a “stitch in time…” good work Hosier/Rutledge!

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