From a concerned resident to Melbourne City Council

Dear Kevin,

This morning I was alerted to a situation that occurred last night in the small hours of this morning.

Apparently one of our residents watched in horror as 3 of the large wheely bins in our laneway exploded in front of her apartment causing flames to reach our level 2 and cause huge plumes of smoke to continue to rise for hours later.  The intensity of the smoke caused several of our residents to be quite sick – I have an elderly lady on floor 1 who is 85, an asthmatic and has just recently had a heart attack who was particularly ill.

The following photos are the after effect of the situation – Misty Bar and Hoboken Cafe now do not have SAFE electricals leading into their airconditioning, the back of that building was totally scortched  and will cost a considerable amount to remedy.

The Bins are totally finished as you can see – they were moulten and will also have to be replaced at the cost of Movida/Nanados who kindly allow the other commercials in the laneway to use their bin service. It will take more than the normal cleaning service to clean up after this mess, the bins were actually stuck together last night after the explosions and the Fire dept had to pull them apart leaving rubbish on the ground that is an OH & S issue.

I implore you to have an emergency meeting with our community and the waste management area of the council as this is the 2nd time in a matter of months that this situation has occurred without adequate response from the Council – I am very concerned for the population in this zone – you know this because I am currently working on a waste management project to house our community waste differently and inside an enclosed area that DEXUS has suggested they may be able to assist with.
Please contact me as soon as you have a moment to discuss .
I am forwarding this email to our community as I believe they need to know how bad it has become here.

Thank you
Robyn Bunting


2 thoughts on “From a concerned resident to Melbourne City Council

  1. HosierLane says:

    In response to the recent fire in Rutledge Lane and our communication with residents and businesses in the area, we would like to invite you to a community meeting.
    A representative from the Victorian Police will be in attendance.

    Date: Monday 13 February 2012
    Time: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
    Venue: Town Hall Council Meeting Room Level 2, City of Melbourne Town Hall

    If possible, please RSVP by return email…

    Kind regards,
    Rebecca Hughes | Program Coordinator | Engineering Services

    City of Melbourne | Level 4 Council House 1, 200 Little Collins Street Melbourne 3000 | GPO Box 1603 Melbourne 3001
    T: 03 9658 8427 | F: 03 9658 8886 | E:

  2. HosierLane says:

    Thank you Robyn for your continued efforts on behalf of the entire community. Something MUST be done to resolve this critical issue, and it must happen soon. We have been forced to store our bin in the front foyer of our building which is absolutely not safe, not hygienic nor is it a long term solution. As a community we have been very patient but clearly that is not working. I agree we need a meeting and we need someone there from council with the authority to make a decision and act on it. Anything we can do to assist, please let us know.
    Resident,165 Flinders Lane

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