Have your say on alcohol and drugs…

The Victorian Government is conducting further consultation about the new Alcohol and Drug Strategy.

Dear Friends,

The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) is asking all Victorians to provide feedback and ideas on how the harms associated with alcohol and drugs can be reduced.

We urgently need your help to disseminate information on this extended opportunity for consultation on the Whole of Government review of Victoria’s Alcohol and Drug Strategy widely through all your networks.

We attach by way of further information an information letter and project flyer.

Means of participation are outlined below:

  • Participate in one of a series of focus groups being undertaken in metropolitan Melbourne in February.  Exact times and locations are yet to be determined, however if you, or any of your clients wish to participate, please and preferably send an email to info@your-say.net.au or call 9412 5600 to register your interest.

Please note that, to ensure the integrity of the information, to make online contributions you will be asked to register your details.

There is only a small window of opportunity to contribute, with the consultation taking place between 23 January and 19 February 2012.

Many thanks,

David Taylor

Policy Officer,Victorian Alcohol & Drug Association (VAADA)


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