Safety and Vandalism in Rutledge Lane

We are making progress.

We are working with Council to address the persistent and escalating problems in Rutledge Lane. This was discussed at the recent meeting at the Melbourne Town Hall, and some short-term immediate actions were identified, along with some more positive long-term projects that are currently being investigated.

There are three things Council are currently working on. These are:

1. An application to the Federal Attorney General’s department for  ‘Graffiti Prevention Reduction/Removal’ funding. The funding is for a  maximum of $150,000. The application needs local community feedback and ultimately support if it is to be successful – ie. a partnership. A meeting was held with interested parties with from the neighbourhood to go through it. The application has been prepared by Council based on funding two security cameras and a laneway ‘Ranger’. A supporting letter from our group welcoming this initiatve has been included. After discussion with a range of community members, I agreed to sign on their behalf. You can read the letter here.

2. The Mirrors. Council traffic engineers have agreed to the installation of  two mirrors and have allocated budget. Have sought three quotes and these are due back on 6 March.

3. The bin enclosures in Rutledge Lane. The manufacturer has said that they are 90% finished and will be ready for installation the week of 12 March.


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