Hosier Inc meeting minutes 07-03-2013

The meeting commenced with the group discussing the MCC Arts funding submission, which Todd Berry from MCC has sent us information on how to apply. [Please refer to attached documentation]. ACTION: All group members to review documentation and guidelines and think about how we will apply, in particular how we will “stand out” from other applicants (as per Todd’s email this is how previous successful applicants have been awarded grants).

We also discussed the upcoming Steering Committee #1 for Hosier lane and Rutledge lanes. We agreed on who would represent the group, Luke (and if need David/Dean can sit in if Luke is absent) and Kerry/Richard/Robyn on a rotating roster, depending on availability.

Luke also mentioned the Melbourne Leader being in contact with Hosier inc and their interest in writing an article and taking some photos of the group and the lanes for the article. Luke has requested the Melbourne leader contact the group in another month, at which time we will have a much clearer picture of our plan for the next few months.

We discussed a number of different options and ideas for if and when we are successful in applying for a grant. These included:

– Pop up gallery or market stall for artists to sell works,
– A “painters market” (Like a framers market but paint/graff/street art related),
– Installations and other types of art,
– Fundraisers/sausage sizzles etc.

The group discussed the approach for how the grant monies should be spent. We reflected on our original objectives and pain points (being safety/lighting etc – which have been addressed by the MCC response and funding – to be monitored on its effectiveness).

We decided as a group, that the reason we were even discussing this (and the same goes for the lanes themselves) was because of street art and graffiti – the heart and soul of Hosier lane and Rutledge lanes.

We decided we should focus effort and funding on this. Fletch’s initial ideas were around a quarterly invitational paint up (or possibly less frequent) focusing on quality street art and graffiti and quality artists. (The objective being to restore Hosier lane to it’s former Glory and reinstate the self-regulation of art/graffiti by featuring quality art and artists). This could also involve additional/add on activities such as some of the ideas discussed above, but the main focus is art.

At our next meeting we will go over this in detail and decide on how we fill in our submission and also how we “stand out” as an applicant.

We also discussed (if we are successful in our funding submission) how we could possibly utilize RMIT and MCCs event management/OH&S/safety expertise, as we do not posses these skills within our organisation.

We also talked about one of our objectives being education about the lanes and also the “respect system/sef-regulation” side of the art scene. We discussed the idea of how we could call on SIGNALs expertise in this matter as this seems like something they would be educating their students/mentees on.

Robyn also mentioned some POTENTIAL available space (possibly the biggest wall in Melbourne) being the back wall of Robyn and Co’s building. Robyn advised this would be put to a vote at their next Body Corporate meeting/AGM. Action Robyn to update the group at our next meeting.

Actions for Luke:
– Share the initial MCC proposal for Hosier and Rutledge lanes.
– Share the documentation on Arts funding submissions.
– Find out more about RMITs study?
– Contact Fletch and ask about the AR app for documenting street art over time (which he mentioned to Luke some time back).

Actions for all:
– Review the attached funding submission applications and processes and provide input at the next meeting (or via email if you are unable to attend) .
– Investigate other avenues or bodies from which to seek funding (Arts Victoria/Australia Tourism Vic/Aus etc) for input at our future meetings.


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