Lighting proposal zig-zags up laneway

Hosier Rutledge Lanes Steering Committee (HRLSC) met on the 18th of September in the Carlton Room – it was a full house with many events and items discussed! One of those was the CoM proposal to install a new laneway lighting design. Ian Dryden – Senior Industrial Designer for the City of Melbourne presented a set of slides of illustrations depicting the proposed catenary light design.


As described by Ian in his presentation document (see link below):

The Hosier Lane catenary system is based on two parallel cables in close proximity to each wall, with an additional zig-zag down the centre. The zig-zag provides support for the system, introducing the possibility of using lighter weight ‘cable’ connections to buildings, in lieu of heavy brackets. The intention is to create an outdoor gallery lighting system, to complement and enhance the space.

The zig-zag of coloured leds down hosier lane introduces additional colour and visual interest to the space. Clusters of twin adjustable led spotlights accentuate artworks with medium beam, warm white (3000k) light. Discrete form and louvres combine to minimise the visual impact of the luminaire, and maximise the impact of the illuminated artworks.

Multi-function ‘theatre-bars’ would be integrated into the catenary system at both intersections of rutledge and hosier lanes. Adjacent power supplies to be provided to allow the bars to be used for supporting additional special purpose lighting, speakers, banners or temporary art installations. The intent is to enhance the flexibility of the space, and enable the implementation of gallery style exhibition openings or other events in the laneways.

The Rutledge Lane catenary system is designed as a minimised instance of the Hosier Lane system. The zigzag cabling incorporates the spot and linear lighting and fuses with the Hosier Lane system and the theatre-bars at the laneway intersections. In addition, linear led luminaires with a combination of wide and flood optics will wash the walls with warm white (3000k) light and provide quantitative lighting to suit AS/NZS1158 Category P8 requirements in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

What d’ya reckon? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding this design.

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4 thoughts on “Lighting proposal zig-zags up laneway

  1. Out_theBack says:

    Agree with Sandra that scissor lifts access is important. Also that the lights are high pressure ‘water or paint’ proof as the airless paint machines are working at very high bar.
    Lights that can be focused on the art works, will be part of the works joy.
    Can urban artists point the lights at their work?

    Suggestion – LED strip lights with a low voltage, high output, waterproof and keep the center clear for the scissor lifts.
    Googled this

    • Hosier Inc - Hosier Lane says:

      Thanks for your feedback Out_theBack. The City of Melbourne will own and maintain the low voltage LED lighting system and respond to our requests for focus and light distribution.
      We have asked that all lights will be white in colour to maintain the integrity of each illuminated piece.

  2. Sandra Powell says:

    I think it’s a really good idea and will make the lane a more exciting spectacle at night.

    Have to make sure it doesn’t stop getting a scissor lift up there for higher works?



  3. res3000 says:

    Advocacy for your precinct gets great results. Congratulations to Hosier Inc! Keep in touch & best wishes from Residents 3000!

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