Paint Up! commences in Hosier Lane

Over the next three days, Melbourne-based artist Adnate will transform Australia’s most iconic laneway, painting a significant wall that has never before been available to any artist. This is the first installment in a series of major artworks to be commissioned by local community association Hosier Inc. Paint Up! is part of an ongoing program of activities designed to activate the laneways and create a safe and engaging environment for all to work, live, visit and enjoy the area.

“Everyone who loves and uses the lanes has a role to play in helping us maintain them, and they can all be a part of the association” said Luke McManus, Chair of Hosier Inc. “We see  the art as a powerful instrument to activate the laneway in a positive manner – providing enhanced safety and unique experiences” he said.

Paint Up! is funded by the City of Melbourne through their Annual Arts Grant program.

Scheduled for later this year, Round 2 of Paint Up! will see an equally prominent wall being made available. The opportunity will be offered by open invitation and artists are invited to contact Hosier Inc to express their interest in participating.

Read the media release.

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One thought on “Paint Up! commences in Hosier Lane

  1. […] association Hosier Inc. and funded by the City of Melbourne’s annual arts grant program. Hosier Inc. say that is the first instalment in a series of major artworks for the […]

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