Keep Hosier Real – Rally at 2pm tomorrow

There are about 2000 pedestrians that visit Hosier Lane every weekend… From all walks of life- tourists, artists, wedding parties, diners, shoppers and theatre-goers. We want to see that many in the laneway at one time – to emphasis the number of pedestrians that will be impacted if the development proceeds as proposed.

As a community we are concerned about the proposed redevelopment of the old MTC/Chinese theater site behind the forum.

Keep Hosier Real   #keephosierreal  – is a community and resident action group. The name does not focus on the forum (and the property development is not actually on the Forum site – but will make a big impact on the way the lane currently works!

We are here to showcase the impact that a new large hotel will have on the lane and its current tenants, public access, heritage sites and likely reality that any hotel guests will not appreciate the Forums impact on their sound sleep.

The design in its current form does not address the laneway I a positive or practical way. the proposed treatment will turn this laneway into a loading dock for the hotel, and the plans to ‘activate’ the laneway will only serve to deter any spontaneous form of artwork – killing the very essence of the area.

Keep Hosier Real is not just about the art, (which by its pure nature is transient) but about the need for consultation with the community… and the change in the skyline around a gorgeous heritage protected building.

We are not anti development, we are keen to see the site developed, but feel the extra height and other impacts is not warranted in this particulate precinct.

We also believe the “shadow” of the current proposed building will come across the Atrium area which was designed to be Melbourne’s Winter Garden.

We are all here to celebrate the lane Hosier lane and ensure that any development will Keep Hosier Real!

Our speakers

  • Melanie Raymond. CEO Youth Projects who run the Living Room
  • Fiona Sweetman. Founder of Hidden Sectets –Melbournes leading laneway tour operator and passionate advocate for all things Melbourne.
  • Hosier Inc -TBC
  • Artist –Fletcher Anderson
  • Planning/Heritage –Roz Hansen
  • Adam Bandt. Member for Melbourne. Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens Party.

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One thought on “Keep Hosier Real – Rally at 2pm tomorrow

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