Time for a co-operative approach!


Hosier Lane is an important neighbourhood in the CBD. It has been widely promoted as a destination for tourists by all tiers of government and significant investment made by businesses, residents and government authorities. Recent media coverage has brought attention to the decline in safety and amenity in the lane ways. We want to work with Council on a strategy to address these concerns and development of a coordinated approach to securing the long-­term viability of the area for all. We hope to gain support for this initiative from all Mayoral candidates and their teams.

The specific issues of concern to our community of lane way users, the art community, residents, businesses, tourism, et al include:

1. General decline in behaviour

  • Threats, including needles and other hazards, verbal abuse aimed at residents and tenants trying to access premises.
  • Break-­ins, assaults, threats, damage to property.
  • Guests and employees being threatened.
  • Often police do not respond quickly and if they do they are unable to act unless they see a crime occurring.

2. Temporary campsite has negatively impacted the amenity and safety of the area

  • Increasing homelessness in the city has led to increased numbers seeking access to the services offered here – eg health, washing, social etc.
  • Needles, garbage and rodents are more prevalent.
  • Bins damaged, stolen and mis­‐used.

3. Decline in quality and relevance of artwork and graffiti

  • Artists not safe –regularly threatened, attacked and robbed.
  • Best and more notable artists are no longer interested in painting in Hosier Lane.
  • Tagging and vandalism has become the norm at expense of works that will be respected.

4. Aggression and threatening behaviour from some individuals and groups

  • Towards tour groups –school children exposed to dangerous and inappropriate behaviours.
  • Artists have been threatened and are reluctant to return.

Where to from here?

  1. Cameras (CCTV) should be installed as a priority
  2. Lighting is critical
    • Lighting should be prioritised and installed immediately.
  3. Waste management
    • Bin management procedure reviewed.
    • Compactors installed and maintained.
  4. Regular co-­ordinated patrols
    • Salvation Army, Police
    • Investigate potential ‘Lane way Warden’ program.
  5. As a last resort
    • Implement a complete buff of the lane way.
    • Implement graffiti removal policy where necessary.

2 thoughts on “Time for a co-operative approach!

  1. Matt says:

    Why has this post / page become ‘dead’? Last post was in 2016 over two years ago.
    A hell of a lot has been happening on Hosier Lane in the past two years, not all for the better, in fact, most for the worse.
    I could post a whole set of issues that need action / addressing.

  2. SueSaunders says:

    Totally support your endeavours to “fix” the laneway. I am amazed that the Police cannot do anything to stop robberies and inappropriate behaviour. It is not the type of behaviour we want and should not be tolerated. Allowing the decline of the laneway social environment is pandering to a minority in our society at the expense of the majority of people who want to appreciate street art and enjoy the city with all its variety and character.

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