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Hosier and Rutledge Lanes Improvement Project Report


On 5 February 2013 Melbourne City Council resolved to implement a 12 month project plan in Hosier and Rutledge Lanes in order to address the anti-social behaviour taking place in the lane.

The plan was enacted to trial an alternative approach to the installation of CCTV. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the approach that has been used to inform the plan. The attached document is the final report for this initiative.

The steering committee was chaired by City of Melbourne and met from March 2013 – March 2014 to oversee the project. Members included City of Melbourne branches (Arts & Culture and Community Safety and Wellbeing), Hosier Inc, Salvation Army Street Teams, Youth Projects, RMIT School of Art and Victoria Police.

View the final report – Download the pdf (1.2Mb)

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Call for submissions

Paint UP – Round Two

After the success of Hosier Inc’s PaintUP! Round One, featuring the stunning portrait of a local aboriginal boy on the side of MacDonald House, Hosier Inc is proud to announce a call for expressions of interest for Paint UP Round Two. Download PDF

You are invited to submit a concept for a large-scale image to be painted in the Hosier and Rutledge Lane precinct as part of the 2nd round of the PaintUP! initiative.


  • The successful proposal will demonstrate a rationale and a design that demonstrates an affinity with the location of the wall and building.
  • The proposal may include some or all of the available walls on the Youth Projects facade.
  • Hosier Inc will grant $6,000 to the successful artist to supplement project costs.
  • The artist will be responsible for the costs associated with the organization, management and execution of the project, with advice and support from Hosier Inc. (Public liability by HI!)


All eligible submissions will be considered. Selection of successful applicant will be made subject to the artist’s availability to complete the painting by end 2014.

To be considered for this opportunity you will need to provide the

  • Proposal of concept along with sketches/montage of the
    proposed design
  • Links to your previous work, show examples of the style you
    are proposing


Please send through your final proposals to by close of business
Friday 3rd October 2014.

Good Luck!


There can be no offensive or religious material, no sexually
explicit content.

All members of Hosier Inc will invited to participate in the
selection process, which will also include input from Youth
Projects and the City of Melbourne.

This event may be used as an opportunity to promote Youth
Projects. The chosen artist should therefore be aware that they
may be required to participate in these media and PR
opportunities. Any conflict caused by strong affiliation with
another charity should be carefully considered before applying
for Paint UP Round Two. For information regarding Youth
Projects go to


3rd October: Submissions close
22nd October: Successful artist notified

Rally for Hosier Lane



We’re hoping fill Hosier Lane with people at 2pm on Sunday the 4th of May.

The proposed hotel development on the old MTC site directly behind the Forum will affect Hosier Lane – to the detriment of Melbourne’s world-famous street art and cultural precinct.

The development proposes to transform Hosier Lane into a loading area for a 32 level hotel/commercial venture. This would put pedestrians at constant risk, compromise other businesses and emergency vehicle access and will drive away the artists. There must be a better way to develop this site.

We’re asking for community consultation before any decision is made. Join in and help put a stop to any proposal involving the Forum and Hosier Lane, pending an extensive and open discussion among all interested parties.

Speakers attending the rally will be representing planning, tourism, theatre, live music, heritage and hospitality industries. If you want to speak please let us know – contact us via Facebook.

For information & updates on the event go to the Keep Hosier Real Facebook page

Please share, like & invite your friends, and remember to use #keephosierreal in your posts.

See you there at 2pm on Sunday the 4th of May!

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The Forum is up for redevelopment

We urge you to find out more about this development at a public meeting to be held 6.30pm at Misty this Tuesday night, the 11th of March. Please like and share to get the word out – come to the meeting and have a say.


PaintUp! captured on video

Hosier Inc. is pleased to announce this official PaintUp! project video by Michael Danischewski. Check it out.

2 days in and it’s looking great!

Round one of PaintUp! is well under way. Final touches will be done on Tuesday. 








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Paint Up! commences in Hosier Lane

Over the next three days, Melbourne-based artist Adnate will transform Australia’s most iconic laneway, painting a significant wall that has never before been available to any artist. This is the first installment in a series of major artworks to be commissioned by local community association Hosier Inc. Paint Up! is part of an ongoing program of activities designed to activate the laneways and create a safe and engaging environment for all to work, live, visit and enjoy the area.

“Everyone who loves and uses the lanes has a role to play in helping us maintain them, and they can all be a part of the association” said Luke McManus, Chair of Hosier Inc. “We see  the art as a powerful instrument to activate the laneway in a positive manner – providing enhanced safety and unique experiences” he said.

Paint Up! is funded by the City of Melbourne through their Annual Arts Grant program.

Scheduled for later this year, Round 2 of Paint Up! will see an equally prominent wall being made available. The opportunity will be offered by open invitation and artists are invited to contact Hosier Inc to express their interest in participating.

Read the media release.

City of Melbourne Logo NEW

Reminder Notice of Annual General Meeting


Date 19th January 2014
Time 3pm
Place Beer Delux in the Atrium at Fed Square (look for the HI! signage on one of the long tables)Agenda1. Receive and consider—

  • Annual report of the Committee on the activities of the Association during the preceding financial year; and
  • Financial statements of the Association for the preceding financial year submitted by the Committee in accordance with Part 7 of the Act;

2. Elect the members of the Committee;

Committee consists of—
(a)     a President; and
(b)     a Vice-President; and
(c)     a Secretary; and
(d)     a Treasurer; and
(e)     ordinary members

3. Confirm or vary the amounts (if any) of the annual subscription and joining fee.

4. Other Business

Is it a missed opportunity?

It’s not every day that a couple of lanes within a CBD get such massive exposure as has been evident of recent weeks. Following the courageous Rutledge Lane project entitled ‘Empty Nursery Blue’  by local artist Adrian Doyle the media has been abuzz with pics and stories about this modest space. Some love it, some hate it, but by and large, everyone who comes across it has an opinion or at least an exclamation. Its a good time to reflect on this project, and on the aims and hopes for the precinct generally.

This recent article by Hosier Inc chairman Luke McManus on Vandalog gives a pretty good insight into the word on the streets. CDH’s sentiments do make sense coming from an artist’s standpoint and context. However, the question needs to be asked – is this precinct still a graffiti zone, or has it evolved to become something completely different? Experimental art or dare I say it – a viable art gallery for street artists? Nursery for graffiti – ummm.

Is it still relevant to promote Hosier and Rutledge Lanes as graffiti lanes if one takes the illicit nature of graffiti seriously? Excursions of marker toting kids writing illicitly on walls as the teacher/s expound the wonders of the genre? Seriously – the idea of genuine graffiti in this precinct is dead. Time to move on. Even these taggers are able to restrain themselves when confronted by a Nolan or a Whitely at the NGV.  So why is it alright to cap serious artistic endeavour in a public, sanctioned art precinct? Why is it ok to cap a business’ facade who has paid an artist for their time and creativity? Why is it deemed acceptable to climb a fence and down-pipe to tag over an 80 year old resident’s lounge room window? What role does graffiti have in our precinct?  ‘Empty Nursery Blue’  was a blank canvas beyond one’s wildest dreams, but has it been squandered? Is it possible to activate and engage the art community in pursuit of a self-managed and iconic state? Not sure yet.

Residents of Hosier Lane are continually bemused at how often we hear ‘Hey – it’s legal to graf here!  Just look around  – I’m not doing anything different from anyone else!’ or ‘so and so said so!’ In fact, here’s the City of Melbourne’s list (from their website) of registered street art permit sites around Melbourne. The notion that this precinct is graffiti legal – we contend – is a self perpetuating myth. The more people say it, the more truth there is in it. So Hosier Inc suggest it’s time to call it for what it really is – an art space for street art ‘with the blessing of property owners.’

The lane way has definitely been embraced by a small but fearless crew – a bunch of youngsters turning up early, late, all hours to hover and reclaim this holy Rutledge outpost. This is not a new occurrence, just a mutation of a traditional meeting spot. It’s an act of expression in a way, and one which leaves no piece uncapped – no fence un-climbed and no expletive un-said. Look out for them, and say g’day… but don’t expect mastery beyond a sneer and a backchat and a lazy tag over a fresh work painstakingly created by an artist who’s only just crossing Russell Street. Thankfully many works are preserved in time by photographers. Check out the imagery of Hosier Rutledge over the past month by captured by Hosier Inc member Dean Sunshine.

Andy Mac must be wondering what cyclone hit his City Lights light boxes. Many of the adjacent businesses are miffed – and have a lot less faith in street art than that of Hosier Inc. However, with the burgeoning membership, new and supportive residents along with help from the City of Melbourne (because we don’t have the funds yet to do it ourselves) the many day to day problems will be addressed, such as the light boxes, and soon we hope. A swathe of new paint-ups will re-fresh again, but our hope is with greater longevity and a healthy discourse about what CBD lane ways can be.

Let’s not confuse the issues. ‘The City of Melbourne recognises the importance of street art in contributing to a vibrant urban culture.’ Naturally. Graffiti on the other hand, needs to be managed, just as the City of Melbourne’s Graffiti Management Plan outlines. This is not really the raison d’etre of Hosier Inc, but it serves as one contributing factor in our efforts to maintain some semblance of order in the lanes. We hope to encourage contributing artists with ongoing support – not just with wall space, but also with materials and equipment. It just takes a little time and discussion to create and sustain something amazing. And just a little cash. We’ll keep you posted.

As far as an outcome for residents and local business goes it’s early days. We’ve had an influx of new visitors to Rutledge Lane – of figures we can’t be sure – but significant is all we can say from a local’s observation. Increased traffic through the lane ways of Melbourne has been a goal for the City of Melbourne for some time – with the primary objective to increase the perception and reality of safe thoroughfare throughout the CBD. So from this, it would appear that Hosier and Rutledge Lanes are pulling their weight. We’ve had fewer reported cases of criminal offences, as reported by the police representative at the Hosier Rutledge Lanes Steering Committee (HRLSC).  Although the increased traffic due to the increasing street buzz would have helped to a degree, thanks must go in large part to the Salvation Army Youth Street Teams who have agreed to patrol the lanes late at night on the weekends. I should add that this service is not necessarily a permanent commitment but more a trial at the behest of the council and Hosier Inc (and in lieu of dedicated lane way personnel, think the likes of Andy Mac!)

Ian Strange: Suburban


NGV   What’s On  Exhibitions  Exhibitions  Ian Strange.

Alert: This exhibition ends on the 15th of September. Check it out.

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