About Us

The neighbourhood of Hosier Lane and Rutledge Lane is a unique area in the Melbourne CBD. Thousands of visitors come here each week to experience the atmosphere and admire the artwork. Hosier Inc aims to encourage a culture of respect in collaboration with artists, businesses, visitors, residents & the wider community.

Everyone who enjoys the lanes has a role to play – join up, contribute and influence anything that you feel is important to the neighbourhood.


Association No. A0058915J


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Matt says:

    Why has this post / page become ‘dead’? Last post was in 2016 over two years ago.
    A hell of a lot has been happening on Hosier Lane in the past two years, not all for the better, in fact, most for the worse.
    I could post a whole set of issues that need action / addressing.

  2. Ilana Jaffe says:

    hey all,

    I will be on annual leave (to India and Nepal) as of this Friday the 10th of December and will be returning on the 30th of Janurary 2011.

    The contact people while im away will be my Manager Rod Mackintosh as well as our new Team Leader Joel Pearlman. They can both be contacted on 99452100.

    Hope you all have a wonderful festive season and great new year.

    See you upon my return…

    cheers Ilana

  3. Frank says:

    Movida and Movida Next Door would be very keen to work with the other stake holders in Hosier Lane to organise one company to collect all rubbish.

    currently we have our waste picked up daily, CSC waste.

  4. Great blog for a great neighbourhood.
    Looking forward to working together to make this laneway even better.
    Nerida Webster
    Youth Projects

  5. Ilana Jaffe says:

    The Living Room Primary Health Service is very interested in being involved thanks!

  6. Hi

    Waste is a big issue. We are over the mess and for me, I am over having our bins filled when they are put out for collection. Somedays I have left the bin out for about 1 hr after collection and then it comes back in fuller than it went out. I agree there has to be a better way to control waste in the lanes.


    • HosierLane says:

      Hi Michelle. Welcome to the blog. I think waste management is likely to be the number one topic on the blog for a while. You are suffering the knock-on effects of a problem in another building in Flinders Lane. They no longer have anywhere to store bins… so they leave them in the laneway. End result is bins get broken, stolen, moved. Fewer bins means your bin is now used by anyone passing, as there are fewer available. Council are being pressured by those affected to fix the situation, and we will continue to pressure them until it is resolved.

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