Neighbourhood Survey – Now Completed.

Earlier this year, City of Melbourne Engineering Services Division commissioned UVM – Sustainable Urban Ecologies P/L (a subsidiary of Urban Village Melbourne Inc) to carry out a research project for Rutledge Lane and Hosier Lane, Melbourne.

A summary report, including survey information, was submitted to City of Melbourne on 25 June 2010. You can download it here

Since then, COM have presented the report to interested members of the community, and have prepared an initial response document.

If you have any questions about the attached draft document or wish to RSVP for the 28 September meeting, please contact Hugh Kilgower on 9658 8427.

Many stakeholders took the opportunity to have a say… Watch some of the video interviews below.

RJ & JFK, Living Room (Clients) Part 1

RJ & JFK, Living Room (Clients) Part 2

Robyn Bunting, The Cosmopolitan (OC – Chair)

Ilana Jaffe, Living Room (Manager, Health & Human Services)

Christine Barro, Christine (Owner)

Simpatico, Graffiti artist and appreciator

Andrew MacDonald – City Lights and Until Never Gallery

Pia Emery, Film & TV industry (Rush)

Peter Matthews (part 1) – Resident Macdonald House

Peter Matthews(part 2) – Resident Macdonald House

Thomas Drake – Misty Bar (bartender 2005-2010)

Hugh Thorn – Misty Bar (owner)

Butcher Family – Kerry, Richard, Lula

Andy MacMahon – Movida (owner)

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