Construction/maintenance at 166 Flinders Street.

A council permit has been granted for scaffold to be installed this coming weekend. Accordingly, please note the following:

UPDATE: Due to the anticipated  shocking weather conditions on Saturday the Committee have decided to delay the installation of the scaffolding, weather permitting, until Friday 19th November.

This means that the crane will be in attendance on Saturday 20th November.

Fri 12th Nov Construction of street level gantry
Sat 13th Nov. Installation of swing stage(weather permitting) – North Eastern facade
Mon 15th Nov Roof top site preparation, including laying protective flooring in apartment 602
Tues 16th Nov Commence carpentry (external cladding)

I confirm that the scaffolding will be in place at the North Eastern facade for a 2 week period during which time the carpenters will replacp external cladding. The scaffolding will then be relocated to provide access to the south eastern facade for a further 2-week period until external cladding is completed.

Please note that security services will be engaged and a security guard will be on site commencing this Friday from 7pm – 7am, 7 days per week to ensure that there is no unauthorised access to the gantry.

Steve Danne, General Manager: 03 9417 9600 or email:

2 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. Ride to work without having to mix with other traffic.
    The design and technology exists already – the question is do we have the will to change the way we move about the city. I would like to establish what interest, if any, there is out there in alternative modes of transport.

    If you’d like to see a prototype program set up over the Jolimont rail yards, respond to this post.

    Thanks for your

    • Richard Butcher says:

      Meet the designer of Shweeb –

      Is it unreasonable to suggest it’s possible to design, build and operate a simple, healthy transport system designed to service small, manageable hubs across Melbourne, and importantly, funded by enthusiasts for change and reason. Does transport infrastructure necessarily have to be massive, singular and usurp government coffers? I suggest there are better ways to have a say. I wonder how many of us out there would put $10 toward a development exercise, or even simply time and expertise toward a simple, elegant transport option?

      Here’s my thinking;
      1. The cost to build a 1km suspended cycle track (as per Shweeb’s design) is estimated in the order of $1-2million, including transfer station, pods and associated collateral. Naturally the longer the track, the greater the opportunity for cost efficiencies.

      2. To raise $2m at $10 per subscriber requires 20,000 subscribers. Are there 200,000 people in Melbourne interested enough to put their money into a positive solution venture?

      3. I suggest the only way to find out is to pursue a crowd sourcing research exercise – simply put – ask your friends to think about it, and post back to this site in the first instance with comments. depending upon the response, a dedicated site will be set up to take on board all ideas, challenges and experience.

      4. Of course there’s a difference between being interested and parting with $1 of hard earned cash. I envisage there might be a registered auditing/accounting enthusiast out there who might like to get involved to advise on how to manage such an exercise.

      Who’s up for it?

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