Living Voice…stencil workshop

Living Voice Workshop

Come to the Living Room this Friday the 12th of November and Monday the 15th at 1pm to participate in an interactive stencil art workshop with Until Never Gallery ( ) owner Andy Mac and the Victorian Electoral Commission!  Andy and the participants will create a mural based on the theme ‘Living Voice’ – what does having a voice mean and how do you use it…

Then come along on the 16th to vote in the State Election at the Living Room’s mobile voting booth…

2 thoughts on “Art

  1. Peter Matthews says:

    It is worth reminding people who wish to contribute to the street art in Hosier/Rutledge Lanes, that they are legally required to get permission from the OWNER of the BUILDING concerned, and the City Council.

    This is not just BUREAUCRACY gone mad! A great deal of the art is good and very welcome to residents and visitors. BUT we are not all artists just because we have a spray can or a felt-nib pen! (And would building owners elsewhere – including house owners – accept a “do what you like” attitude in their area?!?)

    H/R Lanes get literally thousands of visitors, f rom all over the world as well as Australia. They admire the real art – but are less than impressed by the silly scrawling which has become all to frequent.

    And of course we would all like to xxxxxxx the idiots who think they are funny by putting rubbish over the good stuff.

    • Mark Holsworth says:

      Hi Peter, things have changed in Hosier/Rutledge Lanes the situation has changed and anyone is free to paint in Rutledge Lane. With Hosier Lane you had better be more experienced and know that you are going to be able to do something better than what is there already. In this area the City Council is less about scrawling on forms and more about the art.

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